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There are some steps taken in order to achieve the final proposal offer which are ..

Step (1) - Visit ( site measurement )

At first w assign a date so our site engineer can visit and take the site measurement , and also take notes of the available spaces. if the signing was during one of the exhibitions , it’s always three days after the last exhibition day .

Step (2) - Design
  • After we get the site measurement our sales engineer contact you with our presentation so you can chose what product you will work with ( bedrooms , dressings and any other furniture ) .
  • After we get your needs we start designing according to them with multiply numbers of editing and updating till we get to the final proposal offer that is accepted to you .
  • At the end of the meetings you can understand the exact outlook of your area .
Step (3) - Double check on the site

When we get to the final proposal offer and for more confirmation , our project manger visit the site another time to make sure our final design fit perfectly to the site , so we don’t mess a thing during production and installation .

Step (4) - Production
  • When we get to production the product took from 30 to 45 days according to it’s type , and sometimes less than that at some circumstances .
  • Your design is given concrete shape through usage of finest materials and hardware
  • The company prophesy is to get 50% from the contract value before production .
Step (5) – Installation

Then it came to installation point we get the other 50% form the contract value and we deliver the product to your home , the process took from 2 to 4 days maximum .

Step (6) – After Sales

Some people thought that our role ends with the installation but that’s not true , So after you have your product expect a call from us , it’s our way to make sure products and services meet or surpass the expectations of the customers